My First Post – Why Am I doing this?

About a year ago, I did not comprehend what it meant to live.  I mean really live my life – a life with joy, happiness, connection, purpose and most of all peace.  Through a series of events, books, insights and a connection to my inner being and spirit I have discovered truly what it means to live.  My journey is just beginning and in fact, this blog is part of that journey.  To answer the question, “why am I doing this?” is because I feel the information I now know in my heart and soul is too important not to share with anyone who wants to hear it.  I am not a spiritual guru nor do I wish to convert others to be just like me.  I want to share the information what I have learned and continue to learn in hopes some piece of it will help someone with your personal journey.  With that said, I finish my first post inspired and full of excitement of what is to come.

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