Don’t use the law of attraction to your disadvantage

This week I underwent one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.  My two month old baby boy was running a fever so like any concerned parent I took him to the doctor who told me it was a virus.  I pushed the doctor to reconfirm it was just a small virus by requesting a blood test.  The blood test had some questionable numbers and long story short we ended up in the hospital.  My baby was acting fine and even happy even though he was being poked and prodded.  I was a complete mess and overcome by fear.  Everything I know in my heart about the inner calm and peace went out the window.  This was my baby.  He is my world.  After many tests, it was confirmed 36 hours later it was a virus.  He is fine now praise God.

I’m sharing this story because I believe I may have used the law of attraction of this situation to my disadvantage.

To sum up the law of attraction basically like attracts like.  This is an absolute truth.  If I think good things, good things will attract.  If I think bad things, bad things will attract, etc.

I realized through this experience that my greatest fear and inner issue I still have is the fear of  something wrong or loosing my children.  In the days leading to this event, I was worried about my little one contracting something.  In fact, when we left the house the weekend on a family outing I felt like he would catch something.  There you go – I put it out in the universe.  I let that thought run through my head a a few times and I didn’t stop it.  That just gave momentum to the thought until it did actually happen.   I should have recognized the negative thought and replace it with a positive one focusing on the good and forgetting the bad.  Once you give credit to the thought especially multiple times it gives it the push it needs to manifest.  Luckily my sweet baby only had a small virus and he may have gotten it without my negative thought.  But the truth be told, it did not help to put that into the “universe.”

In addition, maybe I shouldn’t have pushed the doctor for the blood test when the professional assessment had been made.  I was so blind to my fear I was looking for something wrong.

In summary readers, please recognize a negative thought pattern when it happens.  Replace it with something positive and uplifting.  The law of attraction is absolute – like attracts like.  If you want good things to manifest in your life you must rebuke negative thought patterns and replace with positive thought patterns like gratitude, love and contentment.  It’s also good to step back sometimes and see what your big picture fears are and why do you have them?  What are those thoughts or circumstances that evoke major negative feelings or emotions?  Strong emotions such as fear are a collection of thought patterns over time.  If we stop and recognize the negative thought as it happens we can either eliminate or neutralize the thought with something positive.  As you go through your day, try to listen to that inner mind voice.  What is it saying to you?  Does it make you feel good or bad?  If it makes you feel good, try to amplify it by thinking more of it.  If it makes you feel bad, recognize it, let it go or neutralize it with something positive. I hope this helps you in some way.

With love and warmth,

Your blogger