5 Daily Habits to Positively Shift Your Energy

I was told once something takes 30 days to create a habit.  I’ve found that the below habits more than anything can shift your energy more positively as they are habitual, constant and generally do not waver overtime.

  1. Self love – recognize you are more than your physical body.  You were brought here to this world for a purpose and every inch of you internal as well as external is an expression of divine love.  When you look into the mirror each day try to look at the bigger picture of who you are on the inside and feel love towards yourself.  Take time for yourself each day if possible.  Do something you enjoy just for you.  I personally love something as small as a shower without kids hanging on me or a nice bath with wine once in a blue moon.
  2. Meditation – meditation should be part of your day just as much as brushing your teeth.  Our daily lives drain our energy and if you look at yourself like a machine running on batteries, at the end of the day we need a charge.  Meditation is that charge – it’s like taking a plug of yourself and putting it in the universe for a power charge.  It will give you more peace and clarity in your life.
  3. Exercise and diet – we all know that daily exercise and fruits and veggis are good for you, right?  Common sense. But most of us neglect to take care of our physical bodies which are vital for us to enjoy life more and live longer.  Personally I believe only 20 minutes of exercise like running, walking or yoga do the body very good when paired with diet rich in plant-based foods with less meat and alcohol.  Excercise releases feel good chemicals in our brains and keeping in shape is another bonus.  Nutrition is highly unrated by our western medical system and is the source of most major health issues like diabetes, heart disease, etc.  Increasing your intake of raw or lightly cooked fruits and veggis and decreasing your meat intake I have found gives more spiritual clarity and just makes you feel better.  In addition from my experience decreasing alcohol intake can make you feel less groggy and more clear.
  4. Positive Thinking – be the guy or gal that looks at the glass half full and not empty.  Positive thinking works wonders – you will see your general happiness will increase, more people will want to be around you and good things will come your way.  Positive thinking sets in motion the law of attraction in your favor – general feelings of positivity will attract more of the same or even something outstanding you never dreamed of.
  5. Prayer – Lastly I end with prayer.  Whatever your religion or creed, prayer is a powerful tool to release anything you are holding onto in your heart that you need assistance with to a higher power.  Prayer is the channel for us to communicate with the divine and relieve ourselves of any burden big or small.  We can’t hold the weight of the world on our shoulders, we need to take it off and release it into the universe.  Remember we are an extention of divine love. It is important for us to connect daily with this love.

*Photo credit to my talented friend at Wolfe Grace Pictures*

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