My Vegan Experience

Becoming a vegan is a very personal choice.  I recently chose to try out being vegan because like many people I watched the Netflix documentary “What the Health” and was completely shocked at the information and correlation between diet and disease.  I was determined to learn everything I could on the topic and at the end of the day, I decided to take the plunge and try it.  If you haven’t watched this documentary I would highly recommend but you need to draw your own conclusions and do what is right for you and your family.

I’ve been vegan for about two months now and have experienced some pretty awesome benefits I would like to share:

  1.  More clarity – since going vegan, I’ve noticed I have more clarity of mind and a better ability to focus.  I’m going to assume this may have to do with the fact that many of our meat products we consume contain chemicals that are not so good for us and we spend more energy digesting the meat.
  2. Increased spiritual energy – During meditations I noticed more energy in the body which has made my meditations deeper and more powerful.
  3. Weight loss – I’m a pretty thin gal but I’ve always had a little pudge on my belly which never would go no matter what I did – well, the pudge is gone and I’m leaner than ever.  I really feel like I can just go to town and eat whatever I want as long as it’s unprocessed fruits, vegis and whole grains and not gain a pound.
  4. Sense of helping animals and planet – I’ve always been an animal lover but never really connected me eating a hamburger to a cow.  I also never knew that meat consumption affects our planet by the harmful affects of massive agriculture and global warming.  Being vegan has made me really think about how I fit into that and provided a sense of well-being.

I’m not going to sit on a soap box and tell you that you should be vegan.  Like I said, it’s a very personal choice and most of my family and friends still eat meat and I have no issue with that.  I hope you find this helpful! Leave your comments of your thoughts or experiences!

*Photo credit to Wolfe Grace Pictures – follow on Facebook*





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