10 Minute Meditation for Clearing Negative Energy

As I stated in my previous post, one of the 5 daily habits for keeping positive energy in your life is meditation. I can always feel a shift in the energy when I do not meditate.  I am not as peaceful, patient or content.  I can feel the anxiety or worry start to creep into my thoughts and I know when this happens, it’s time to clear the energy and start getting real serious again about meditation.

The below technique was inspired by my spiritual mentor.  This technique works very well when you are feeling unease, anxiety, fear or any negative energy in any aspect of your life.  I would suggest trying it as soon as you feel the energy creep into your life as the sooner you get rid of negative energy the better.

Step 1 – Sit or lay down in a quiet place with your spine erect.  You can listen to soft music if this relaxes you.

Step 2 – Feel the energy in your body – do you feel any tension or tightness anywhere? If so, silently set the intention to completely remove the energy from this area and anywhere else in your body in need of removing negative energy.

Step 3 – Call upon Arc Angels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael to assist you with removing any negative energies in your body.  You can do this by saying the words or silently.

Step 4 –  Repeat the following 9 times each starting with “I clear” and ending with “I release.”

  • I clear
  • I rebuke
  • I release

Step 5 – Focus on your breath and see yourself breathing in white light and exhaling anything negative out of your mouth with a darker color.  Repeat this until you feel the energy has left.  Typically it takes me around 10 minutes total to remove the energy but this can vary based off of person and the amount of negative energy you are removing.

Step 6 – Final Step –  Thank the Arc Angels for their assistance and ask them to help protect your energy from any negativity that may try to come through.

Removing negativity is vital for us to maintain our peace.  We all encounter it daily whether it’s a tragic facebook post or someone at work with a bad attitude.  There are different ways to release it using meditation and this is just one example.  I hope you find it helpful!

*Photo credit to Wolfe Grace Pictures*



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