Being a Spiritual Being in Corporate America

When I look back over the past ten or so years, it’s clear to me I spent most of my time and energy focusing on ego centered accomplishments.  When I came into Corporate America at the tender age of 21, all I could think about was climbing the corporate ladder and becoming “somebody.”  I cared deeply about others’ perceptions and placed importance on the sociological hierarchy I had developed in my mind’s eye.

During this time in my life I made sure I was the hardest worker and tried to be the best at anything I did in relation to work.  This drive had devastating consequences for me personally.  I lost all contact with friends, hit rock bottom with depression and anxiety and pushed my soul mate away.

At 30 I had indeed climbed the ladder so to speak but when I got there and looked around I was completely lost and a mess.  Was this who I was and would always be? I did not know the person looking back at me in the mirror.

At the eve of my 31st birthday I met a very special person who helped me connect with what was already inside of me.  I cleared out all of the negative energy to let in the positive and learned habits that helped me maintain a higher spiritual frequency (prayer, meditation, self-love, taking care of your body).  Nowadays I look inward as opposed to outward and it has transformed my life.

I’ve learned that we will never find true happiness by focusing on external values such as wealth, possessions, status.  In order to live a life true to your being you must focus on the internal – self love, helping others and a sense of a higher purpose.

I still work in Corporate America among all the cubicles and abundance of “lost” souls however I see the job as something I do to care for my family and a medium for me to spread my light and positive energy to others. Most of all, my job is not the center of my life anymore.

Life is all about priorities – remember to look at yourself in the mirror and say “What’s your priority?”


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