How to Discover Your Purpose

At some point in your life, your going to look in the mirror and ask yourself “Why?”.

Why I am here?  What is it that I’m suppose to do?  What is my PURPOSE?

Friends, readers, fellow seekers, let me tell you the struggle I’ve had over the years on this one question.  This is one of those core issues that rise to the surface after you’ve had a bad day at work and drank half a bottle of wine and blankly stare off into space for a few hours… thinking those DEEP thoughts.  I’m one of those people that is about as deep as a ocean and I suspect if you are reading this article, you are as well.

The truth is folks is that our purpose as a human race is simple, in fact it can be summed up in two parts:

Part I: Learn to love your true self – The true self is often hard to find because we are wrapped up in our “ego” self.  Our ego is who we think we are – i.e. I am what I have, I am what I look like, I am what other people think of me, etc.  This is NOT you.  You are an expression of infinite love. When you take away all that ego, you’re left with your true self and it is freaking amazing.

Part II:  Understand your purpose is to help others – it’s not all about you or me.  It’s about giving your best self to everyone that crosses your path.  Whether it be at work, yoga class or the market.  Giving your best self is reflecting love outward.  It’s simple, smile at people, wish good things towards people just be kind, humble and all-loving.

What I like to call as Part III, is your HOW purpose.  How will you be in the best life position to be able to achieve Part I & II?

Part III – Think of something you dearly love.  Something you could do for hours on end and not get tired of it.  Something that makes your heart sing.  This one thing is your key to achieving Parts I & II.  By doing something we truly love, we bring the right vibration and energy, we bring our happiness, our true self.  What better to take something you love and share it with others?  Photography, art, sports – whatever it is DO IT.  Do it for yourself, without expectation and Part I & II will fall into place giving you a more purpose driven life.

i hope you find this helpful – please comment!!



***Photo credit to my dear friend at Wolfe Grace Pictures – who has found purpose**




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