5 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

A general undertoe of anxiety has become a norm in today’s society.  You talk to people and you can just feel there mind is normally somewhere else and most of the time that somewhere else doesn’t seem all too good.  People are holding onto too much mind crap and it’s slowly ruining their beautiful lives.

If you want to get a grip on anxiety below are some great methods to try out;

1. Stop looking at your phone!  I see the good in social media but I also see the bad and ugly. Constantly looking at your phone causes your mind to hop from one thing to another. It’s exhausting. More importantly all the negative crap people post affect you. When you read or see something negative it becomes part of your energy body.  Give the phone a break. You’ll live; I promise.

2. Learn to recognize negativity and then remove yourself from the situation. Being around toxic people, listening to negative things on the news, you name it. It will creep its way into your aura body and stick with you. If you feel it, release and rebuke that junk and move onto something positive.

3. Practice being fully present in every situation possible. Being present will remove your mind from looking forward or backwards. When your fully present most likely you have no problem.

4. Meditation. Period. People you’ve got to meditate or pray better if you do both. This is your spiritual plug into the universal source of all that is good. Meditation and prayer will bring you more peace.

5, Give love and receive it. Send your love to others without expectation. Open your heart to receive love from anywhere that wants to send it. Love is the most powerful and transformative energy. It can heal anything.

I hope you found this helpful!

Nasmaste friends.


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