The Power of being Authentic

I think one of the hardest things to do in life is to be true to thy self. Most of society just cares too damn much about what others think.

I can guarantee you if you base your self worth on what you perceive others to think of you it’s going to be a tough road to walk. The truth is what you believe they think is often completely different because they’re just worried about their number #1 which is themselves. Even if they do judge, what should you care? Judgement and labeling are just creations of the ego which only distance you from your true nature which is all loving and accepting.

Those individuals that choose to be authentic and walk their own path without their ego getting in the way are the ones that really get it. Take all those possessions, titles and statuses away and what you’re left with is YOU. You are amazing. Period.

I dare you to open your eyes tomorrow morning and be who you really are… walk the path of authenticity and you’ll find purpose, strength and a deeper sense of self love.

Namaste friends !


photo credit to Wolfe grace pictures

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