A Life By Design: guidance to your fulfillment

Most of us fail to realize we have the power to create our own reality.  We feel that happiness and fulfillment are just beyond our reach.

The truth is we have the power to live the life we so desire in our heart. A life by design. When you sit back and really look at the bigger picture I believe our lives our influenced by two main things: 1) our choices and 2) our outlook

1) Our choices – the wrong choices are made out of fear. It’s important to connect with your inner self to understand what your being is telling you to do. Typically emotion is a good signal if it’s the right choice. If it feels bad, most likely it’s not the right choice at that time. If it feels good, perhaps your in the right direction. Remember there are no bad or good choices, each choice leads us to have a new life experience, learn and grow.

3) Our outlook – people with a postitive outlook on life in general experience much more happiness and fulfillment than those that constantly are negative or want to wallow in their sucky life situation. A positive outlook propels us to receive more positive energy from the universe.

If you take away fear of failure and find what is right in your heart, you can begin to really think about what it is you want and make the choices necessary to get where it is you want to go and live the life you wish to live. By living a life with a positive outlook, you are inviting more positive energy into your life as well. In this life design process it’s important to acknowledge where you are currently is also by design and appreciate this time in your life. Even if it’s not the life you desire, find the good in the present. Be grateful for the journey.

Remember this is your movie. You have the power to manifest your heart’s desires for the greater good.

Namaste friends.



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