Receiving Messages from the Universe

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to opening my mind to notice things I would have in the past never thought twice about.

When you open your mind and look for signs I believe full heartily the signs we need to receive from the universe are there for us.

Recently for me, I’ve encountered a few things by just being observant which are helping in my current life situation.

1. Orbs – it was powerful for me to catch a picture with an orb. This validated to me that spirit is with us whether we visually see it or not. This picture came to me at a time that I needed to know I wasn’t alone in my journey.

2. Numbers – when I was looking for sequences I started finding the same numbers again and again. I later learned these special sequences meant something and each conveyed a message.

3. Symbols – in one day I saw the same symbols multiple times in different forms. Each one I particularly noticed and thought to myself it was a sign and somehow I intuitively knew what the message was from the symbols.

Above are just a few examples of the messages you can receive from the universe if you just listen and open yourself. I frequently ask my spiritual guides and angels to send me messages in all forms and help me see and understand what I need to know.

Place your ears and eyes on the universe and see what it needs to tell you.

Namaste friends!

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