This blog is dedicated to my personal spiritual insights, events and questions in hopes the information shared will help someone on their life journey.  I will primarily focus on topics of the mind, body and spirit as I believe all three to be strongly connected to achieving inner peace and purpose.

My spiritual background has been a bumpy and windy road.  At my lows, I’ve experienced severe depression, anxiety,  and constantly questioned why am I here? What is my purpose?  In fact, I was so crazy to find my purpose I was constantly looking for the next change that would bring me to it.  I wanted to move, I wanted to change jobs, I wanted to do whatever it took to find my purpose and then I would be happy, then I would experience peace.

Then about a year ago, I experienced what I like to call a “shift.”  The shift was spirit’s complete overhaul of my life as I knew it.  This shift slowly but surely changed every aspect of my life, all for the better.  My connection to spirit grew stronger, my mind let go of most of the craziness and my body was starting to heal.

This blog is to share with you my personal truths.  I hope you find it helpful or at least thought provoking.